RSBC announces sale of PARÁDA SHOPPING

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RSBC announces sale of PARÁDA SHOPPING

RSBC announces that it sold their stake in the shopping park PARÁDA SHOPPING Hodonín on 13 October 2016 in accordance with their investment strategy. The price or other details of the transaction will not be disclosed.

The RSBC group had acquired the stake in PARÁDA SHOPPING from Lordship in June 2015, taking over management and administration of the project housing shopping units on a commercial area of 4,040 sqm.

“From the RSBC’s perspective, this is a correct investment decision. The pros for property sales currently include rising prices supported in the case of commercial zones by high occupancy rates, among other things. Over the sixteen months we have managed to gradually increase the efficiency of the entire project, significantly appreciating the RSBC’s investment,” commented RSBC Board Member, Chris Kottnauer, on the transaction.

PARÁDA SHOPPING is located in centre of Hodonín. It is an established retail shopping centre operating since 2008. The retail park is known for its diverse range of shopping units and close proximity to several supermarkets.