RSBC Group announces acquisition of Slovenian AREX

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RSBC Group announces acquisition of Slovenian AREX

Following more than a year of negotiations, the expanding investment group RSBC has completed the acquisition of the Slovenian company AREX d.o.o., which is to be one of the key assets of the group. The transaction is part of RSBC’s long-term strategy to expand outside of the Czech Republic and to diversify the group’s portfolio with the inclusion of new fields of industry, especially precision engineering and technologies. RSBC assumed ownership of the company on December 12, when the changes were entered into the business register. The founder and previous owner of the company, Mr Ivan Kralj, will remain in charge of the firm together with key members of his continuing management team. The contracting parties have decided not to publish the cost of the transaction.

AREX is a dynamic engineering company with more than 20 years of history and a focus on contracts for the defence industry. Its main activity is the development and production of plastic bullets for training purposes, pistols, and ammunition belts. The firm has a turnover of over €20m. AREX is a strong player in its field with long-standing client relations in markets both in Europe and the USA. It exports 90% of its production. The RSBC Group’s intention is to invest into further development of the company, which boasts its own team of experienced R&D engineers. The aim of the new owner is to support the company’s strategic expansion, which has been clearly outlined by its present management. RSBC sees the healthy potential for further growth. 

“We are glad that Mr Ivan Kralj choose RSBC. We have a joint interest in expanding the company and supporting its R&D and business activities. The current development of the geopolitical situation in Europe and certain other regions will place increased demand on the readiness and modernisation of defence forces to facilitate efficient responses to diverse emergency situations. This opens up the potential for further growth of the already strong demand for AREX’s high quality products,” says Roman Cének, the RSBC Group Investment Manager responsible for the project.

About the RSBC Group

RSBC is a private investment group with a long-standing focus on investments in real estate, agriculture, industry, and venture capital. The group’s assets are valued in excess of €100m in total. RSBC is also active in other countries besides the Czech Republic, mainly Slovenia and the United Kingdom.