RSBC announces a takeover of the Slovenian winery Zlati Grič

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RSBC announces a takeover of the Slovenian winery Zlati Grič

We are pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of a 90.5% stake in the Slovenian winery Zlati Grič, d.o.o. and the takeover of all bank claims from PROBANKA, a Slovenian banking institution. Zlati Grič has a long wine-making tradition and is known, in particular, for its production of high-quality wines. In addition, it operates its own golf course. The acquisition is the result of long-term preparation and targeted efforts of RSBC to enter the Slovenian winery, which enjoys a very good reputation. At the same time, it is the first transaction of the Group on this attractive market.

Robert Schönfeld, Group CEO, comments on the transaction:

“For me as a wine lover, the inclusion of a producer of premium wines into our Group’s investment portfolio is a pleasant event; nevertheless, I expect from Zlati Grič the same financial performance as from any other investment. We will actively participate in the management of the company and we are ready to invest in its development in order to help it reach its full potential. We want to assist in launching great Slovenian wines onto foreign markets and in developing tourism – Zlati Grič is situated in the close vicinity of the route which is passed by millions of tourists travelling to the Adriatic Sea every year. We believe that this place has, thanks to the unique combination of picturesque hilly landscapes, good wine, splendid modern architecture and rich history, much to offer to tourists passing by Zlati Grič.”

Slovenia, with its traditions and expertise in many interesting sectors, attracts a number of investors from neighbouring countries. For RSBC it is a key target market where new investments are searched and several other investment options are evaluated at the moment. Ondřej Pernica, RSBC Manager who is in charge of the acquisition of the Zlati Grič Winery, says:

“In the case of the acquisition of Zlati Grič it definitely was not a coincidence or our last word in the region. In Slovenia and other Balkan countries many unique opportunities for the expansion of foreign capital are emerging as a result of heavy indebtedness of the private and public sector and undercapitalisation of local banks. In the local business environment, however, it is not easy to succeed without the ability to adapt to local specificities and differences. We believe that by completing our first acquisition on this market, we have demonstrated that we are able to work successfully here and we monitor other opportunities for the capitalisation of acquired experience.”

About Zlati Grič

Zlati Grič Winery, including its vineyards, is located on the slopes above the town of Slovenske Konjice in north-eastern Slovenia (Lower Styria) near Maribor. The company cultivates grapes on 73 hectares of vineyards and produces wines at two sites: Still wines are produced in renovated cellars of the winery, while the production of sparkling wines takes place by means of the.traditional method of fermentation, maturing and aging in bottles in the historic cellars of the nearby Carthusian Monastery Žiče – a place with history dating back to 1165. The company also runs a nine-hole golf course completely surrounded by vineyards, a family hotel and a restaurant. Supplementary activities include the production of apple juices, fruit spirits and an agricultural technology store. The main building of the winery has recently been reconstructed and has received numerous credits for its unique architectural design. As part of the project titled the Architecture and Wine in Central Europe, it has been included among the most interesting and inspiring wine-making structures in the region.