RSBC Českomoravský nemovitostní fond

RSBC Českomoravský nemovitostní fond

RSBC Českomoravský nemovitostní fond

The RSBC ČESKOMORAVSKÝ NEMOVITOSTNÍ FOND SICAV, a.s. is a fund of qualified investors. The fund focuses primarily on the established Czech commercial real estate market. The fund was established by the RSBC private investment group and the fund manager is AVANT investiční společnost, a.s.
In the interest of fund diversification, RSBC SICAV, a.s. Czech-Moravian Real Estate fund targets logistic centres and also strives to acquire other types of commercial real estate. The fund management team is particularly interested in real estate that has the potential to raise occupancy or rental income through active asset management. We offer clients conservative investments with appealing yields and relieve them of asset management concerns.
Appealing yield
From prosperous real estate: 5.7% per annum.
High quality investment real estate means a constant flow of money to the fund through rental income, which is one of the key advantages of real estate assets.

Lucrative real estate does the work for you.
We have a wealth of real estate investment experience at our disposal. We provide clients with comprehensive professional services in acquisition, management and sale of real estate. We actively manage your real estate and increase your yields through e.g. rental, sale of services or improvement of common areas.

Investment into real estate – including apartments, apartment buildings, commercial premises or logistic centres – continues to have great growth potential.
The fund’s initial assets are comprised of the Zdiby Customs and Logistic Centre, owned by Zdiby Logistic Centre, a.s.
7,882 sq. m. of rental premises

Stable tenant structure

Current occupancy: 92 %
Fund Manager
AVANT investiční společnost, a.s. specializes in establishment and management of funds of qualified investors. Over the past three years, AVANT has become the most dynamically growing investment company in the Czech Republic. It is currently the largest investment company on the qualified investors fund market. AVANT manages 63 funds with an aggregate asset value of more than CZK 31 billion (as at 30.11.2019).